Xilisoft Affiliate Program

Why Choose Xilisoft As Your Partner?

As a world leading multimedia consumer software provider, Xilisoft is committed to offering our users the best multimedia software products by introducing the most advanced multimedia technology and perfect user experience design, and has gradually extended our business to device management, system security and information management.

We highly value the development of our partnership by constantly improving our cooperation solutions and bringing out more activities to help boosting the sales of our partners. Join Xilisoft Partner Program, you will get tailored cooperation solutions, high commission and attractive promotion activities to grow your business greatly along with Xilisoft.

Affiliate Privacy Policy and Terms

How to be an affiliate?

If you have not joined RegNow affiliate system, please feel free to Sign up . Complete an online sign-up form; you will receive affiliate ID via email. Joining is free and getting started is simple, and RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution.

All new affiliates are automatically approved; all you need is to copy and paste the purchase link to your site to start selling and making money.

  • Company Name:
  • Xilisoft Corporation
  • RegNow ID:
  • 10993

If you are using other affiliate system and want to affiliate our products, you are welcome to contact us for further cooperation.

Email: marketing@xilisoft.com

How to make Custom Build?

Host custom build files on your website to maximize the purchase conversion ratio.

Why need I host RegNow custom build?

It is reported by Digital River, Inc, that 75% users will prefer a direct download before purchase. They will try the software first after download and if they are satisfied with the program, they will purchase it by clicking the Buy link in the software. Because the Buy link in our RegNow custom build file is embedded with your affiliate ID, RegNow can track this kind of sales. So, if you host RegNow custom build files, you can certainly get more sales.

How to make RegNow custom builds?

  For Mac Software
Create custom version by renaming

Download products at our site first, and then rename product-code.dmg as product-code(regnow-affiliate ID).dmg. For example, first download Xilisoft Video Converter Standard for Mac. Supposing that your affiliate ID s 1234, rename x-video-converter-standard7-for-mac.dmg as x-video-converter-standard7-for-mac (regnow-1234).dmg. Then your custom version is generated and you can upload it to your server.

  For Windows Software

We provide two methods for custom builds for our Windows products:

#1 Create custom versions by yourself.

Download products at our site first, and then rename them. For example, suppose that your affiliate ID is 1234, and you want to build custom version of Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate. Please first download Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, then rename x-video-converter-ultimate7.exe as x-video-converter-ultimate7-1234.exe. Then your custom built version is generated and you can upload it to your server. Free download our Windows product and make custom builds yourself.

#2 Use RegNow Trialware.

Download RegNow Trialware and host it or just simply link to RegNow custom builds. Do Name Search by simply entering "imtoo" on your RegNow affiliate control panel, and then click view listed before either product name. In the pop up windows, click the sales link where you can find the Trial download link.