Xilisoft Audio Converter FAQ

General questions:

  • Q1: How can I import many files simultaneously?

    A: You'd better put all your files into one folder on your PC. And then open that folder with our software. You can select more files by pressing "CTRL" and highlight them at the same time.
  • Q2: Does your software support FLAC file?

    A: Please set "Files of type" from default setting "Supported Files" to "All files", and then you will see your FLAC files in the folder. You can select and import your files.
  • Q3: How to create the m4a files?

    A: To create the m4a files, please select "FAAC DLL Encoder" in the "Encoder" combo-box, then click the adjacent "Settings..." button and select "MPEG-4 (*.m4a)" in the "Output AAC File Format" combo-box.
  • Q4: I want to encode the music from an AVI file, but I get a noisy result. What should I do?

    A: Different AVI files may contain different codec, and some of compressing codec, such as mjpeg codec, would not provide a good quality. Our another product Xilisoft Video Converter can show the codec of the file and convert it from one codec to another, such as to mpeg4, with better quality.
  • Q5: I cannot open the files from iTunes with Xilisoft Audio Converter. What should I do?

    A: The M4P files from iTunes are protected, and you need to convert them to the M4A format with other software like iOpener, then our software can read them. Or you also may use the HYMN (http://hymn-project.org) to remove the encryption from the .m4p file.