Xilisoft CD Converter Tutorial

Referring FAQ

Before using, download and install Xilisoft CD Converter.

Extract CD tracks:

  1. Extracting CD tracks just need one click! After you input an audio CD to your CD-ROM, Xilisoft CD Converter will auto-detect the CD-ROM and list all of the tracks for you. Click the "Extract and Encode" button (or open "File" menu and select "Extract and Encode") to extract all CD tracks, or select one/several tracks to extract. Press "Ctrl" to select multiple tracks. The default targeting format is MP3, you can select targeting format by selecting corresponding encoder in "Input & Output" area.
  2. Of course, you can edit the album information and set output path. Enter "Artist", "Generic" etc. information for your music in "Album" area. The other method which is better is reading track info from CDDB. The default output path is "My DocumentsMy Music". Click "Browse!-" button to change the folder.
  3. Since extracting to WAV is a common function, so Xilisoft CD Converter creates a menu option for it. If you just want to extract CD tracks to WAV files, you can use it. Select one or several tracks in main window, open "File" menu and select "Extract to WAV", Xilisoft CD Converter will start converting. Using the function, you needn't select encoder in advance.
  4. Complete extracting and want to listen to these files? You needn't open Windows Explorer to open the output folder, just click the button "Open Folder", Xilisoft CD Converter will open the folder with Windows Explorer for you at once!

Convert audio:

  1. Click "Convert Audio Files" button or open "File" menu and select "Convert Audio Files" to open the dialog. Select a directory which catches your original audio files by clicking the button "!-". The default directory is "My DocumentsMy Music", if your audio files are cached in sub-folder, check "Look in sub-folders", Xilisoft CD Converter will search the sub-folders and list all audio files in these sub-folders.
  2. If you check "Delete Original", the files with same file name will be overwritten without prompt.
  3. Since converting WAV to other audio files and converting other audio files to WAV are common functions, so Xilisoft CD Converter creates menu options for them. If you want to convert WAV to other audio files (or convert other audio files to WAV), please open "File" menu and select "Convert WAV to!-" (or "Convert to WAV!-"), then operate as above.