Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker FAQ

General questions:

  • Q1: What are the system requirements to run this iPhone Ringtone Maker?

    A: Here are the minimum system requirements:
    • Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS
    • 1GHz Intel/AMD or faster processor
    • 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
    • 50MB available disk space for installation
    • Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
    • iTunes 8.2 or above
  • Q2: Where can I download this iPhone Ringtone Maker?

    A: Thanks for your support for Xilisoft software. Please download this iPhone Ringtone Maker from our official site at
  • Q3: How to register after I got my license code?

    A: First please run the program and click the down arrow on the top right, then click 'Enter License Code…' option on the drop-down list to open 'Registration' window. Then copy and paste your user name and license code in corresponding text boxes to register.
  • Q4: How do I get started with this iPhone Ringtone Maker?

    A: this iPhone Ringtone Maker is easy to handle. Please follow the instructions below.
    1. Click 'Browse…' button right beside 'Input File' label to load a file into the 'Input File' textbox.
    2. Click 'Play' button to listen to the music and locate the part you want to make ringtone by using 'Set Start Point' and 'Set End Point' buttons.
    3. If you want to apply fade-in/fade-out effect to ringtones, please check 'Fade in' and 'Fade out' options and set the fade-in and fade-out time. You can also modify the output volume by dragging the volume slider.
    4. Enter the name into the 'Output File Name' textbox, check 'Output to Computer' option and click 'Browse…'button on the right side of 'Output Folder' to set output path for ringtones.
    5. If you want to get ringtones on your iPhone directly after ringtone making, please connect your iPhone to PC to activate 'Add to iPhone' option and then check it. You can also check 'Add to iTunes' option to let the program add ringtones to iTunes directly after making.
    6. After all settings are done, click 'Start converting' button to make your own iPhone ringtone. You can check the progress on the bottom.
  • Q5:I want to extract the music from my loved video and make it a ringtone. Does this ringtone maker help me?

    A: Yes. Not only can this program make ringtones from music in any format, but also extract music from videos and convert them to iPhone ringtone. Almost all popular music and video formats are supported in this program.
  • Q6:How to get rid of the unwanted part in the loaded file?

    A: The audition area provided in this program will help you do this job. After loading a file, please click 'Play' button to listen to the music and find the part you want. Drag and drop the start & end sliders to get a music clip, or click 'Set Start Point' and 'Set End Point' buttons to extract a clip when the player comes to the points you want, or type the start & end time directly in the corresponding text boxes.
  • Q7:How to add fade-in & fade-out effects to output ringtone with your program?

    A: We offer this function in our program. After loading file, please check the 'Fade in' and 'Fade out' options and then set the fade-in and fade-out time according to your need.
  • Q8:May I adjust the volume of the output ringtone?

    A: Yes, you can do this job on the 'Volume' panel. What you need to do is just to drag the volume slider to set the ringtone volume freely, or type the value directly in the textbox beside the label.
  • Q9:I cannot find my ringtone on my computer after conversion, why?

    A: Before clicking 'Start Converting' button, you need to keep the option 'Output to Computer' checked. If not, the program will just make ringtone without saving them on your computer.
  • Q10: I cannot find ringtones on my iPhone, what shall I do?

    A: Please make sure that you connect your iPhone to computer and check 'Add to iPhone' option before you start making ringtone.
  • Q11:What does 'Ringtone Manager' mean?

    A: The 'Ringtone Manager' function embedded in this program will help you manage your iPhone ringtones easily. After clicking 'Ringtone Manager' button, you can manage all the ringtones you uploaded to iPhone in the pop-up 'Ringtone Manager' window, such as delete ringtone.
  • Q12:I have made ringtones with your program and transferred them to iTunes successfully, but failed to export them to my iPhone. Why?

    A: Maybe your customized ringtone is longer than 30's while iTunes only supports to transfer ringtones in 30's. Actually, our program will help you add ringtones to iPhone directly after creating without any length limitation. Please just connect your iPhone to PC, check 'Add to iPhone' and keep 'Add to iTunes' unchecked before ringtone making.
  • Q13:I synced my iPhone with iTunes recently and all ringtones created by your program were gone. What's wrong with it?

    A: Before you start creating iPhone ringtones with our program, you also need to check the 'Add to iTunes' option. In this way, our program will add ringtones to iPhone and iTunes simultaneously after making.