Xilisoft MKV Converter Tutorial

How to convert MKV video files to other formats with this video converter? The following will show you a step by step guide to complete the conversion task. First, download Xilisoft MKV Converter.

Step 1: Install and run the software

Step 2: Start Xilisoft MKV Converter and add file

Click "Add File" button on the toolbar or "File > Add File" to load files.     

Step 3: Choose output format

Choose the file, click "Profile" drop-down button to choose the formats you need, then click "Browse" button to choose destination folder for saving output files.

Xilisoft MKV Converter


1. Click "Snapshot" button on the right bottom of the main interface to take a snapshot when playing the video and save them as BMP format.

2. If you want to do more with your MKV files, please refer to the "More features".

Step 4: Convert

After choosing the format, you only need to click "Convert" button on the toolbar to complete the task.

Xilisoft MKV Converter


1. When converting, you can click "File > Run Background" button to save CPU resource and do other things at the same time.

2. Choose an after done action from "Actions > After Done" before converting, to define what the program will do after the conversion.

More features

1. Add profiles for the same video file

2. Define output size with Bitrate Calculator

3. Set detailed parameter