Xilisoft YouTube to DVD Converter FAQ

General questions:

General questions:

  • Q1: What are the system requirements to run this YouTube to DVD Converter?

    A: Here are the minimum system requirements:
    • Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • 1GHz Intel/AMD or faster processor
    • 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
    • 30MB available disk space for installation
    • Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
    • Internet connection; recordable DVD drive
  • Q2: Where can I download this YouTube to DVD Converter?

    A: Thanks for your support for Xilisoft software. Please download this Download YouTube Video from our official site at
  • Q3: How to register after I got my license code?

    A: First please run the program and click 'Help > Enter License Code…' option to open 'Registration' window. Then copy and paste your user name and license code in corresponding text boxes to register.
  • Q4: How do I get started with this YouTube to DVD Converter?

    A: this Download YouTube Video is easy to handle. Please follow the instructions below.
    Part one: Download YouTube videos
    Firstly, install and run Xilisoft Download YouTube video. Then,
    1. Click the logo in the first window to log on YouTube homepage.
    2. Click the video miniature to open the web page in the built-in browser and watch it online.
    3. Click 'Download' button on the toolbar to start downloading your favorite online video. You can check the progress under 'Downloading' or 'Downloaded' tab.
    4. After downloading, get files by clicking 'Open' button on the bottom.
    Part two: Convert YouTube FLV videos to DVD
    After installing and running Xilisoft FLV to DVD Converter, please
    1. Click 'Add Video File(s)' button to load video files you want to burn to DVD into the list.
    2. Click 'Templates' button on the menu panel and select a menu template to create your own DVD menu.
    3. Adjust output DVD settings below the file list, including destination, DVD name (volume label), writing speed and copies.
    4. Check output file size on the Capacity bar and select the proper DVD type from the drop-down list on the bottom.
    5. Click 'Burn' button to start burning
  • Q5:What does 'New Download' button on the toolbar mean?

    A: The 'New Download' button will be used to start a downloading task quickly. Firstly, click it and enter the URL of the video into URL label on the pop-up dialog. Then, click 'OK' to go back to the main interface. The program starts downloading automatically. If you change start type to 'Manually', you need to start the task manually on 'Downloading' tab.
  • Q6:Your webpage says that this program can download YouTube HD videos. How to do that?

    A: Yes, this program supports to download High Definition online videos from YouTube, please just browse the online video page and select 1080P or 720P on the dropdown list of resolutions.
  • Q7:What can I do by using 'Start Type' option in 'Tools > Settings > Task'?

    A: The 'Start Type' option you mentioned in the question is a global setting. 'Auto' option is checked by default. If you switch to 'Manually', you need to start the downloading tasks manually under 'Downloading' tab.
  • Q8:I tried to log on YouTube in the embedded browser of your program, but failed. Why?

    A: Maybe your Internet Service Provider blocked YouTube site, you need to bypass the firewall via proxy server. And you can set the proxy server in 'Tools > Settings > Proxy' tab, and then try again.
  • Q9:How to drag a video into the program to download while I'm watching it?

    A: You should put the pointer of your mouse onto the small video miniature of YouTube site. After the pointer becomes '' you can drag it into the main interface, or drag the URL to the drop zone directly. After releasing your mouse, a new downloading task is added into the list on the 'Downloading' tab and the program will start the task according to the default settings.
  • Q10:I found that some small video miniature on YouTube site cannot be dragged. Why? And how to do it?

    A: We have noticed that some special URL link offered by YouTube cannot be dragged and downloaded as we mentioned in the question above directly. For those videos, you must right click the playback window and select the option 'Copy Video URL'. And then in our program, click the 'New Download' button to initiate a new task.
  • Q11:Where is my output file? And how to set the output folder in your program?

    A: After creating a new task, you can select where to save the output files on the corner of the main window on 'Downloading' tab. It is shown as 'Save as'. You can enter the output path manually into the corresponding place or use the 'Browse…' button to set where to save the output files.
  • Q12:How to set the number of the task that could be running at one time?

    A: The program supports to download and convert several files at one time, and you can set the number of the tasks that could be running at one time. To do this, click 'Tools > Settings' and then set the value in the 'Max Simultaneous Downloads' textbox on 'Task' tab.
  • Q13:How to get rid of the unwanted video parts in the output DVD?

    A: You can use the 'Clip' function offered in this program. First please highlight the video that you want to clip. Then,
    1. Click 'Clip' button on the toolbar to enter the 'Clip' window.
    2. Click 'Play' button to play the video and during playback, use 'Set Start Point' and 'Set End Point' buttons to get the part you want.
    3. If you need multiple segments, click 'New Clip' button and repeat step '2' to get more segments.
    4. If you want to get an integral output with all clip segments, please keep the option 'Output segments as a whole one' checked.
    5. After the above settings, click 'Apply' and 'Close' button to apply all the settings and return to the main window.
  • Q14:If I want to crop certain part of the frame, what should I do?

    A: The Effect function offered in our program will help you. First of all, you must highlight the video that you want to crop. And then,
    1. Click 'Effects' button on the toolbar to open 'Effect' window.
    2. In 'Effect' window, you can decide the crop area and position by entering the definite values or by dragging the resizable handle.
    In 'Effect' window, you can also apply artistic effect to output image and add text/picture watermarks to output DVD.
  • Q15:If I want to keep the original video's aspect ratio '16:9', how could I do?

    A: The option 'Keep Aspect Ratio' in 'Effect > Crop' window will help you keep aspect ratio of the loaded video. After checking the option, please click the down arrow below to select '16:9' from the drop-down list.
  • Q16:May I add some artistic effect to the videos that I want to burn to DVD, like oil painting?

    A: Yes, you can do this job on 'Effect > Effect' window. Please just highlight the file and click 'Effects' button to enter 'Effect' window. Then, on 'Effect' tab, check 'Oil painting' option and click 'Apply' button to apply it. There are more other effects for you.
  • Q17:Is it possible to add text or image watermarks to output DVD? How should I do?

    A: Yes. The edit function will help you solve it. First of all, you need highlight the file you want to add watermark to. And then click 'Effects' button to open 'Effect' window. On 'Watermark' tab, click 'Add Text Watermark' or 'Add Picture Watermark' button to import watermarks into the watermark list. Then, select a watermark and set its transparency, vertical position, horizontal position, font, color, size or style. Finally, click 'Apply' button to apply the settings. The program also enables you to add multiple picture/text watermarks into one video.
  • Q18:How to add soundtrack files to my DVD file with your program?

    A: We offer this function in our program. First, please highlight the file you need and click 'Audio' button to enter 'Audio' window. Then please do the following:
    1. Click the plus button on the right panel to load the needed audio track into the audio track list. By this way, you can add up to 8 audio tracks into the video.
    2. Highlight an audio track, set its language from 'Audio Language' drop-down list, and adjust its volume, bit rate and channels to meet your demand. If you find the audio is not in sync with the video, you can use option 'Audio Latency' to solve it.
    3. If you want to set an audio track as the default one when DVD plays, please highlight it and click the up arrow on the top right to move it to the first place in the audio track list.
  • Q19:How to add subtitle files into the output DVD?

    A: The 'Subtitles' function can help you. Please follow the instructions below:
    1. Click 'Subtitles' button on the toolbar to open 'Subtitles' window.
    2. Click the plus button on the right panel to add subtitle files into the subtitle list. You can add up to 8 subtitles into the list.
    3. Highlight a subtitle file in the list, and then choose a corresponding language from 'Subtitle Language' list, and according to your need, adjust its vertical position and font style.
    If the subtitle is not synchronous with the video, please use 'Subtitle Delay' option to fix this problem.
    4. If you want to set the selected subtitle file as the default one when DVD plays, please select it and click the up arrow on the top right to move it to the first place in the subtitle list.
  • Q20:I want to check the editing effect in real time, what shall I do?

    A: In the 'Effect' window, the editing effect will be shown on the right preview panel instantly you make any change. And the 'Comparing Preview' button will help you compare the edited file with the source side-by-side.
  • Q21:Besides DVD disc, can I get an ISO file with your program? And how?

    A: Of course, our software can help you with this job. After loading your video files into the program and finishing other necessary settings, please click the down arrow next to the option 'Destination' and select 'Save as Image (.iso)'. Then after creating, you can get an ISO image file which can be used by your virtual DVD drive or Nero.
    You can also choose 'Save as DVD Folder' option from the 'Destination' drop-down list to create DVD video and save them as DVD folder for further use.
  • Q22:I don't need chapters below each title in the output DVD, what could I do?

    A: Please just choose 'Tools > Settings' option and then enter 'Output' tab, uncheck the option 'Auto Add Chapters' and click 'Apply' button to apply this setting.
  • Q23:I noticed that there is an area above the preview panel that shows some information about the output DVD. But I cannot modify them there. How should I do?

    A: The information area on the main window is just designed to show you some information about the output DVD. If you want to modify something, please double click this area to open the 'Settings > Output' window, and then modify the output settings to your preference, including video bit rate, TV standard, zoom mode, video aspect ratio and audio settings.
  • Q24:Is it possible to customize the name of the output DVD?

    A: On the bottom, there is a box called 'Volume Label'. What you entered in that box before the creation will be the name for the output DVD.
  • Q25:How can I know the exact output size before creating?

    A: After you load video files, this program will automatically calculate the corresponding output file size and show it on the capacity bar at the bottom of the main window. And you should select DVD type by it. Please be sure that the color lump on the capacity bar is only in blue. If not, you cannot finish the creating with all the files you loaded.
  • Q26:Why I was told the burning cannot be finished because there is not enough free space on my 4.7GB DVD disc since I just load totally 3GB files?

    A: Generally speaking, after your video files are burned into standard DVD, which means you can play the final disc on your TV DVD player, the content on the disk will be definitely larger than the original video files since DVD is not compressed. So maybe your original files are only 3GB, but the final DVD content will be much larger. Please note what capacity bar shows for the final output size. If it is not in blue, you cannot finish the burning with all the files you loaded.
  • Q27:Is it possible to adjust the sequence of the loaded videos?

    A: Yes, of course. What you need to do is just to click the video, hold down your left mouse button and drag the selected video onto the place you want in the file list.
  • Q28:What does 'Temporary Files' mean?

    A: During the burning process, our software needs some free space on your hard drive to save the temp contents before they are burned into DVD. After the burning is done, all the temp contents will be deleted automatically by our program.
    The notice you mentioned is just to inform you that the current folder you select for temp file is not empty. There are files or sub-directories in it. If you confirm the message our program shows, the files and sub-directories in this folder will be deleted. Please be sure that none of them will not be used until you click 'Yes'.
  • Q29:Why the program told me there's not enough disc space for temp files after I click the red burn button? And how to correct it?

    A: Please open 'Tools > Settings' and then select another location for 'Temporary Files' there on the 'General' tab. Maybe the current directory which you want to use as temp directory does not have enough free space to afford temp contents of burning. Generally speaking, you should select a drive which at least has 3 GB free space for burning temp.
  • Q30:What does 'DVD Folder' mean?

    A: Actually, it is a backup tool for your new created DVD. If you use 'Save as DVD Folder' item, which can be found in the 'Destination' drop-down list, you will get two folders in the output directory you set, 'Video_TS' and 'Audio_TS'. In the 'Video_TS' folder, you will find VOB files, IFO files and BUP files, etc. They will form a standard DVD if you burn them into a DVD disk by any other burning program.
  • Q31:The created DVD is playable well by certain player on my PC, but failed to be played on my DVD Player. Why?

    A: Please open 'Tools > Settings' window and select the TV Standard you need, PAL or NTSC. It must be the same as the settings of the DVD Player which you are using. If they are not uniform, you cannot play the burned DVD on your DVD Player. Your DVD player should also provide such option to select.
  • Q32:My original video is in 16:9. But after burning, I got 4:3. How can I correct it?

    A: The output video aspect setting option can also be found in the 'Tools > Settings > Output'. The default one is 4:3. If you want 16:9, please select it in the list.
  • Q33:Is it possible to improve the final burning quality?

    A: Please open 'Tools > Settings > Output' tab and then select 'High Video Quality' or 'Highest Video Quality' for video setting and select 'High Audio Quality' or 'Highest Audio Quality' for audio setting. The default ones are 'Normal'. The output DVD quality will be improved if you select 'High' or 'Highest'.
  • Q34:What does 'Menu' on the top right mean?

    A: The 'Menu' area will help you create your own DVD menu. In this area, you not only can create a menu instantly from the templates in different styles provided in this program, but also create personalized menu by yourself.
    If you want to create menu instantly from menu templates, you just need to click 'Templates' button on the 'Menu' area and select your favorite template from the pop-up window. If you don't want any menu, please check the option 'No Menu'.
  • Q35:How to customize the menu of the output DVD?

    A: On the 'Menu' area, please click 'Edit' button to enter 'Menu Edit' window, in which you can change the template, add background music/picture, title and opening film to your menu.
  • Q36:What does 'Menu Thumbnail' mean?

    A: This program provides you with the function of creating a video/image miniature for each title in the output DVD menu. The 'Menu Thumbnail' button will help you do this job. Highlight the video you want to edit from the file list, click 'Menu Thumbnail' button on the toolbar to open the 'Menu Thumbnail' window.
    If you want to create video miniature for each title in the DVD menu, please select the 'Enable Video' option, type the start and end time in the 'Start Point' and 'End Point' textboxes respectively to specify a segment as the video miniature. You can preview the video miniature in the preview window on the left by clicking on the 'Play clip' button.
    If you want to create image miniature for each title in the DVD menu, please click the 'Enable Picture' option and click the 'Browse...' button to load a picture from your computer in the dialog box that opens.